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Wayfinding SDK - Indoor Mapping for Offices

Mar 1, 2022
7 min read
By: Cara Hueston

Integrated office building maps improve transparency, enhance the employee experience, streamline workplace reservations, and help identify inefficiencies. With Mappedin’s SDKs, offices can build powerful, customized, and integrated solutions.  

Wayfinding SDK - Indoor Mapping for Offices

Indoor Mapping & Wayfinding SDK for Offices

Offices can use indoor mapping and wayfinding SDKs to go beyond traditional navigation. Our SDKs can be integrated with workplace mobile applications, internal office websites, or harness them to display custom maps across digital directory signage. As offices welcome back employees, there is no better time to invest in technology that improves safety, culture, and overall operations within your workforce. 

How Does Wayfinding SDK for Offices Work?

Wayfinding SDKs provide developers with a flexible indoor navigation solution and Mappedin’s location platform allows office buildings to maintain accurate floor plans over time. Our SDKs encompass a wide variety of components and features required to easily integrate mapping into any application - anything from an interactive campus map, to a mobile app for shoppers, or indoor outdoor navigation at a stadium

Flexible Maps That Are Easy to Set Up

Mappedin's indoor mapping platform is the foundational layer for your digital wayfinding experience. The Map Editor is easy to use and makes it simple to edit location and map data in real-time on your office floor plans. Our map software allows you to customize interactive floor plans by adding legends and symbols, and view different angles of the building for a more accurate depiction of your space.

Advantages for Developers

Mappedin's wayfinding SDKs are highly integrable with other datasets and integrations. Along with a flexible and robust solution, we continually improve our developer tools and value customer input. This dedication to customer success ensures that your voice is heard as we evolve our products.

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Create More Productive Work Spaces

Indoor navigation can be a key component of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS). These systems improve efficiency and create more productive work spaces for all employees. Office mapping and IWMS integrations allow employees to search for meeting rooms with any required amenities such as whiteboards, TVs, capacity limits, and so on, reserve those meeting rooms through the same platform, use wayfinding to navigate to the desk of another employee, and much more. 

In addition to search and discovery, this integrated system enables workplace teams to track and respond to various maintenance requests in real-time. Employees can submit work order forms and helpful details through the platform, including a description of the issue, a photo or video, employee contact information, and even link the precise location through the digital office map. This additional context makes it simple for workplace teams to quickly locate problem areas in larger buildings and review valuable analytics such as real-time status updates or average time to resolution.

Benefits of Wayfinding SDK for Offices

Wayfinding SDKs can be used to create robust workplace applications. These mobile apps help employers communicate with their team and provide helpful information to employees. Mappedin's SDKs provide the core elements of a digital map and wayfinding experience. This software allows businesses to create a custom application that can be integrated into mapping experiences. When used alongside indoor positioning systems, our SDKs unlock even more powerful experiences.  

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Accurate digital maps help guide employees every step of the way. From ideal parking locations to their desk, Mappedin's SDKs provide the shortest route to get from point A to B. Indoor positioning provides an enhanced experience by detecting a user's device position and providing turn-by-turn directions within the building. New employees can also quickly get familiarized with the venue by seeing their blue dot location update as they navigate the office. 

World-Class Accuracy

To provide the most accurate and efficient route for users, SDKs can be used in conjunction with indoor positioning infrastructure such as beacon technology, wi-fi point access, and so on. This combination of navigation technology determines the precise current location of a device within a venue and populates accurate directions with blue dot wayfinding to your desired destination.  

Points of Interest (POIs)

Office managers and administrative staff have complete control of the POIs that are displayed across building maps. Using Mappedin’s SDK, offices can also choose to highlight common destinations or important amenities, such as available meeting rooms, security, fire exits, washrooms, and so on. Improve the customer experience for employees with transparency on building details and consistency between physical locations and the digital twin of your office. 

Automatic Floor Detection

As your venue maps are rendered via the SDK, the solution takes into consideration the elevation of each floor. With indoor positioning, your office mapping application can be set to automatically update as employees and guests navigate between floors.  

Space Planning

Indoor mapping software also makes it easy to test and review alternative office floor plans before spending time and effort to reorganize the physical space. If you have new employees starting in the office, are shuffling departments around, or need to create a socially-distanced floor plan for your team, you can test different options that might work with the available space in your building.

Seamless Indoor Wayfinding

Intuitive indoor wayfinding can save employees time, especially if they are new or work in a large office. 3D interactive maps allow users to quickly get acquainted with floor plans and plan their route. Beyond that, however, offices can use indoor maps as one piece of a larger smart building ecosystem and create interactive office experiences. 

Interactive Office Experience

SDKs allow for truly integrated office platforms and can improve day-to-day building management, send workplace alerts, and display building events and messaging, all of which support an interactive office experience. An integrated Building Management System (BMS) can send alerts to staff when heating, cooling, or lighting needs to be adjusted and allow facilities teams to easily make adjustments, even if they are not inside the physical space. 

Combined with accurate location data, this system can also alert employees about ongoing building maintenance, fire drills, and real-time appointment reminder texts. In addition to high priority alerts, offices can enhance employee culture and recognition by integrating the wayfinding SDK with an existing digital signage application. Promote company news or events, celebrate milestones, highlight new employees, and more.

Use Your Map in Your Mobile, Web, and Kiosk Apps

With Mappedin’s wayfinding SDKs, you are not limited to specific devices when creating an office navigation experience. Our solutions provide you with the tools to deploy custom indoor maps across mobile, web, and digital directory wayfinding applications. 


Leverage Mappedin’s Web SDK to build applications across the platform of your choosing. Whether you want to create a custom application, add floor plans to an internal website, or integrate them with digital signage, our Web SDK provides you with the foundation of a powerful and accurate navigation experience. 

iOS & Android SDKs

Use our mobile SDK to create mobile wayfinding experiences for iOS and Android devices. Integrate digital maps into an existing mobile application or choose to build your own tailored app experience using Mappedin's iOS SDK and Android SDK. Our React Native SDK can also be used to build once and deploy across both device types, saving developer time and effort. 

Mappedin and ServiceNow have built an integration using our SDKs to offer indoor mapping capabilities within their Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) solution, providing the best digital experience for employees and managers. 

How to Make the Most of our Wayfinding SDK for Offices

Mappedin’s Integrations team is dedicated to the evolution of our SDKs and their successful implementations. With robust documentation, migration guides, and developer support, you can launch this solution and enable streamlined indoor navigation and accurate mapping experiences for visitors.  

More About Wayfinding SDK for Offices

Mappedin’s office mapping software makes it easy to manage your digital maps as well as desk layouts, meeting rooms and their location details, as well as other workplace integrations. Our SDKs provide intuitive wayfinding for employees and valuable insights back to you, the employer. 

For further documentation on our SDKs and APIs, visit our Developer Portal. To start creating workplace experiences for your office, contact us today