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Make and share beautiful indoor maps

Become an expert mapmaker in minutes. With AI, craft the most beautiful and data-rich maps with a few easy clicks. It’s that simple with Mappedin.

An indoor map for every occasion

Whether you’re looking to map big or small, Mappedin has many tools to suit your needs. Choose the right subscription for you.

Mappedin Free - Effortless 3D indoor maps in minutes.

Mappedin Plus - Richer maps made for collaboration.

Mappedin Pro - Integrated maps that help scale businesses. (coming soon)

Enterprise Solutions - Complete indoor map experiences and solutions for enterprises across markets.

Start Mapping

Start Mapping

Mappedin Features

All-in-one indoor mapping solution for any space

Whether you're mapping a store, office, library, school, or mall, easy-to-use mapping tools will make the indoors as discoverable as the outdoors.

Make maps in minutes with AI

Upload any floorplan and let Mappedin automatically detect and draw any doors, windows, walls and much more. Start from scratch with the Mappedin iOS app and scan any room to create a floor plan.

Design useful maps that impress

From operating hours to website links, let your occupants, visitors, and customers make more informed decisions with data-rich and navigable maps.

Collaborate with your team

Make mapping a team sport with role assignment. Invite your team to collaborate and speed up any mapping project.

Enable safer spaces

From emergency exits to fire extinguishers, label critical locations with safety annotations to help guide visitors, staff, and emergency responders like local fire departments.

Check out our other products

At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for billions of square feet of indoor space and offer many mapping products to suit your venue's needs. You’ll find our products anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the other products we offer.

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