Mappedin Web

The Mappedin Web App provides seamless navigation to visitors across any device. Features such as search, blue dot, and multi-destination wayfinding make it easy for users to plan their routes through your venue.

Search, discover, and navigate venues with ease

An interactive indoor map makes it easy for visitors to navigate your venue—even before they arrive. Optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, Mappedin's Web App lets users access your map regardless of their location. The Top Locations feature highlights the most popular destinations at your venue, while search, multi-destination routing, and floating labels make it easy for visitors to plan their routes.

  • Multi-destination Wayfinding

  • Indoor Positioning

  • Flexible and Intuitive

  • Seamless Integration

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Mappedin Web

A powerful wayfinding app to enhance your visitor experience

Mappedin’s responsive web app enables users to search, discover, and navigate any venue. Built with Mappedin’s Web SDK, the responsive design allows visitors to access indoor maps using any device.

Intuitive wayfinding for any venue

  • Multi-destination routing: Give visitors an effective and enjoyable navigation experience with features such as step-by-step directions and multi-stop routing.

  • Real-time positioning: Bluedot makes navigation even easier by showing a user's exact location and enabling them to follow their route during their journey.

  • Discovery at your fingertips: Features such as search, top locations, deals, and events allow you to highlight the services, amenities and offerings within your venue.

Seamless integration with your website

  • Quick setup: With a few lines of code, you can easily embed the web app into your website and deep-link to it from multiple touch-points.

  • Consistent experience: Apply your brand colors and fonts to reinforce branding and make the web app an integral part of your unique customer journey.

  • Wordpress plugin: Using Wordpress for your website? Simply install our plugin and use a short code to embed your map—no coding required!

Visitor analytics provide user insights

  • Top searches: See what locations visitors are searching for most frequently. Use missed searches to determine what desired offerings could be added to your venue.

  • Location selections: Better understand visitor patterns by seeing what locations visitors are getting directions to and from.

  • Successful user journeys: Are visitors getting to the location they selected? This feature can help you simplify the visitor journey within your venue.

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At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for billions of square feet of indoor space and offer many mapping products to suit your venue's needs. You’ll find our products anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the other products we offer.

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