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Mapping and navigation software for airports

Our venue maps help travellers find gates, current flight information, amenities, and services, creating a stress free traveller experience.


Indoor Mapping for Airports

Guide your passengers, drive your business

Mappedin provides seamless navigation for the thousands of travellers that pass through your airport every day. By providing intuitive directions on any device, navigation can reduce stress and enhance the overall travel experience. Travellers can search for flight information, view updates for their trip, contact customer service, and ensure a seamless connection along the way. And, we make it easy for you to manage all of this information on-the-go through our simple airport map manager.

Round Trip Wayfinding

Provide users with an intuitive, landmark based navigation experience from arrival to departure with multi-stop suggestions based on the travellers flight number.

Flight Information

Travellers can plan their journey based on their gate location and how much time they have ensuring they make the most of their time at your airport.

Real-time Updates

Manage the elements of your airport that are changing on the fly such as swing gate positions, and POIs from a single web-based application.

Mappedin for Airports

A powerful product to enhance the traveller experience

Our airport product has been tailored to deliver the best navigation experience for your travellers, ensuring they have a stress free, successful journey through your venue. A web based, responsive application that brings the most relevant information to your travellers along with making it easy for you to manage changing elements, Mappedin for Airports has all your mapping and wayfinding needs covered.


Modern UX






Data Management



Delightful experience

Mappedin's airport maps prioritize modern UX to ensure the styling, use of icons, labels, responsive design and other critical elements are delightful and intuitive to users. This paired with our Outdoor View and W3C Accessibility standards ensure you're delivering the best experience to your travellers.

Airports - Modern UX

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Airports - Modern UX


A complete solution for your airport

Mappedin for Airports is a one-stop solution for all your airport mapping needs. Get in touch with our experts to show you everything Mappedin can do. Mappedin makes it easy to get started by setting up your venue and publishing your wayfinding map. It’s the fastest—and best—way to gain access to a useful indoor map for driving results.

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Guidance and navigation for every industry

At Mappedin, we’re helping our clients digitize the indoors. We maintain a source of truth for over 1.5 billion square feet of indoor space worldwide. You’ll find us anywhere that people gather for work, learning, entertainment, or recreation. Have a look at the industries we support with versatile, accurate digital indoor maps.

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We work within your workflows

Start making maps quickly with Mappedin and seamlessly integrate those maps into any existing or custom application using our APIs and Software Developer Kits (SDKs). Our solution also includes developer support from our team of experts

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Our partners

Mappedin works with a variety of technology partners to provide a seamless experience for indoor maps and navigation.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need an airport map?

    Mappedin's airport mapping software improves the overall traveller experience. Travellers and passengers can access an interactive map of your airport and up-to-date directions to navigate from point A to B. This ensures that they don't miss their flight and can make the most of their time at your venue.

  • How do you make an airport navigation map?

    When creating a digital map for your airport, it’s important to find a reliable indoor mapping software provider that has experience with mapping spaces of different sizes. While some people may choose to build their own map, the complexity of creating an indoor map and incorporating various other technologies to build an integrated experience can be daunting. Once you’ve decided on a provider, you will need to prepare the details to share with your vendor. For an airport, you will need to find the floor plans so that the provider can convert them into an interactive map. You will also need to gather or integrate location data such as gates, floor-level information, shops, eateries, and more. Once your indoor map is rendered, you can also customize the design and features. Determine the navigation technology that is right for your airport, whether a mobile navigation app, a web map, or digital signage. Add your branding colours to the map for a consistent feel across platforms. Mappedin can help make the entire process fast and simple.

  • Why is indoor mapping important for airports?

    Indoor mapping solutions help guide passengers, reduce confusion and congestion within your airport, improve customer engagement, and yield valuable insights about how travellers interact with your airport which can lead to more informed business decisions.

  • How does 3D mapping work for airports?

    Interactive 3D maps provide helpful directions and additional context to travellers. With 3D visualization that is optimized for mobile and web viewing visitors can see the fastest route to their destination as well as browse for gates, amenities, and retail promotions. Airports equipped with indoor positioning technology can help travellers navigate easier using up-to-date location data.

  • What other technologies can be integrated with indoor navigation systems?

    There are several integrations that can be layered onto an indoor map. Indoor positioning technology can be used to pinpoint a user's precise location and enable other experiences such as location sharing and proximity marketing. When integrated with other technology, airports can also display up-to-date and personalized information. This might include a passenger's boarding gate in an airport or an auto-populated path to commuter routes for a passenger that takes the same train every morning.

We’re the market leader for indoor mapping. Let’s talk.

By now you understand the value of airport maps, both as a way to enhance the traveller experience and maintain important mapping data. Let us show you how we can provide the technology and support to make the power of indoor and outdoor mapping work for you.

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