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Mappedin provides digital, interactive maps that make navigation simple for passengers. With an indoor mapping platform on-hand, travellers can enjoy seamless outdoor-indoor navigation at bus stations, railway stations, airports, and all other transit hubs.

Improve the Passenger Experience

Provide seamless navigation for thousands of passengers on a daily basis with an integrated transportation hub. Indoor navigation can reduce passenger stress and enhance the overall travel experience. Indoor mapping solutions provide intuitive directions across any device, whether mobile, web, or Digital Directory displays.

Benefits of Indoor Mapping for Transportation Hubs

Indoor mapping allows users to populate the most efficient route to their destination, something that is crucial when timing is of the utmost importance. Travellers can also search for various route schedules, view updates on their trip, contact customer service, and ensure a seamless connection along the way.

The benefits of investing in innovative technologies such as Digital Directory displays, mobile applications, and indoor mapping systems extend not only to thousands of passengers, but the facilities themselves.

3D Interactive Map


Multi-Floor Navigation

Smart Labels

Blue Dot Wayfinding

External IDs

Follow Mode

Real-Time Updates

Actionable Intelligence for Transportation Hubs

Collect valuable insights and analytics about how passengers interact with your venue. Enable indoor positioning at your transit hub to better understand how travellers move through the space, analyze search data to determine the most popular destinations, view top category selections, device usage, and more. These insights can lead to more informed decisions at your property.

Transforming the Transportation Hub Experience

Indoor mapping technology assists travellers who are trying to navigate crowded transportation hubs and helps to provide a seamless connection, regardless of whether they are travelling by bus, train, or airplane.

Railway Stations

Reduce passenger stress for those travelling by train with indoor navigation systems. Travellers can view their precise location within the venue and see their position update through real-time location tracking. Indoor maps also allow passengers to search and filter various route schedules such as the nearest inbound service, outbound service, express service, delays to their typical route schedules and so on.


Along with providing the fastest route, indoor mapping technology can also integrate with ads, promotions, and proximity messaging to highlight retail offerings. Airports can utilize indoor positioning technology to notify passengers of a sale at a nearby retail space or simply highlight a key destination for travellers such as security check-in or baggage claim.

Bus Stations

Navigation technology can assist travellers who must transfer or make a bus connection. Single floor bus depots can likely take advantage of outdoor GPS signals in order to provide real-time location tracking, otherwise known as a blue dot experience. This allows travellers to see their precise location, even upon entering indoor locations.

Digital Directory for Transportation Hubs

3D Interactive Maps

3D indoor maps allow users to quickly get acquainted with the venue as they pan, zoom, and rotate the interactive display. As the map moves, so do dynamic elements such as text labels. Accessibility Mode helps provide a seamless indoor navigation experience for all visitors by prioritizing routes that use ramps and elevators over those with stairs.

Smart Search

Customize the fields that your visitors can search for in the map management platform, including outbound service or inbound service, commuter routes, platform, boarding gate, bus connection, and more. As users type, predictive results appear, minimizing the number of keystrokes needed to find a location.

Advertising & Promotions

Showcase important building or transit information front-and-centre on your Digital Directory display. Create content within the Map Editor and schedule it to appear for specific periods of time. Increase passenger spending with strategic advertising and promotions and ensure customer satisfaction with timely updates regarding last minute gate changes or delays of service during peak times.

Mobile Pass

For passengers that want to take the digital map on-the-go, Mappedin's Mobile Pass enables this hand off through text message or QR code. Our Responsive Web App is built for mobile and provides the same 3D map and search functionality as the directory, ensuring a consistent experience as users locate their destination.

Wayfinding for your Website

Make it easy for visitors to navigate through bus stations, railway stations, airports, or city centre subways with an interactive indoor map. Mappedin's Responsive Web App has been optimized for mobile and desktop devices so that users can access the map regardless of their location. Top locations highlight the most popular destinations at your venue and features such as smart search, mobile pass, and the blue dot experience make it easy for travellers to plan their routes.

Accurate Turn-By-Turn Directions

Mappedin’s web wayfinding offers accurate turn-by-turn directions. Enable indoor positioning or simply enter a start and end location to receive tailored directions that take factors like accessibility into account. Facilities teams can edit maps in real-time, meaning that visitors can rely on up-to-date directions to their destination.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning technology can elevate your indoor mapping experience. Along with allowing users to detect their real position on the map, your venue can take advantage of proximity messaging to alert travellers of delays or interruptions along their route.

Consistent Experience

Mappedin's solutions are designed to provide a consistent and seamless experience across devices. Users can expect the same look, feel, and function between our web and directory solutions.

Advanced Transportation Hub Mapping Software

Convert 2D blueprints of your indoor space into digital, intuitive, 3D transit maps. Using indoor mapping software, make edits to your map in real-time and distribute the latest changes and property details across multiple platforms including web, mobile, and kiosk. Mappedin's permission levels allow facilities teams to collaborate in one centralized tool.

Indoor Mapping for Transportation Hubs FAQs

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