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2023 Year in Review

Jan 10, 2024

8 min read

By: Mandy Tang

2023 was a transformative year filled with change, new challenges, and the creation of innovative solutions for our customers. Here is our latest year in review. 

Year at a Glance 

We had an incredible year in 2023. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • We now power indoor maps across more than 1.5 billion square feet (that’s equivalent to 26,041  football fields!)

  • Mappedin works with businesses in over 57 countries around the globe

  • 1,700+ venues use Mappedin to power their indoor mapping experiences

Make Maps with New Products

Mappedin Maker 

In September 2023, we released our free mapping software to address the need for accessible indoor mapping tools, especially for schools, first responders, and communities. The launch of Mappedin Maker addresses this gap, enabling anyone to create accurate and useful indoor maps. In recent updates, we added improvements such as a mobile viewer and the ability to see safety annotations while in the viewer. 

Utilizing automation tools and a user-friendly interface, anyone can quickly make updates while minimizing errors. From those with no mapping background to CAD experts, Maker allows users to map all types of buildings directly at Complementing Maker is the Maker App for iOS that empowers users to scan indoor spaces using Apple devices. Sign up for free today. 

Mappedin for Airports 

Maker was not the only new product released this year, we also introduced Mappedin Airports, an all-in-one wayfinding solution for airports. Built with our SDK, this app boasts a fully responsive design that enables travelers to access indoor maps on any device, whether they are researching ahead of time on a desktop computer, or navigating in the airport on their mobile device. 

Showcases an airport map on on a in a standard view and a mobile view on a phone

This year we optimized this product for airports and created an Airport Manager. Airport Manager is a mobile facility manager that allows authorized users to open or close areas and connections on the map, including security checkpoints, gates, stairs, elevators, and escalators. The pathing for the traveler is updated in real-time and reflected in the status of these areas and connections, to ensure they have the most accurate information on the day of travel. 

Additionally, we considered additional methods of transportation that travelers may need to utilize such as shuttles to other parts of the airport. Multi-modal routes are considered and accounted for in your total travel time. Learn more about Mappedin Airports here

Re-designed Web App 

Our web app saw major improvements this year with all new UI and features! Here are some of the improvements that were added: 

New UI 

We simplified the map design to make locations stand out and updated the look and feel of the search navigation dock, transitions, and location cards. We also made it easier to share the map by generating a QR code that deep links to the selected location.  

Find your destination faster 

This year we added step-by-step directions that break down each part of the journey for you, allowing you to interact with each step and highlight the corresponding part of the path. This gives you more context and information in your journey and helps you find your way to your destination. This year we also added a more intuitive way to find your destination, landmark directions, which call out to physical landmarks in the venue. Estimated travel time has also been added to the directions to give you a clear understanding of your arrival time.

Device Agnostic 

Whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or computer, you can still expect the same experience with optimal performance. This year we spent optimizing our mobile experience by creating clickable directions, which allow users to click through directions located at the bottom of the screen to maximize the screen space for the map view. 

Showcasing step by step directions on a phone and screen

Feature Callouts 

This past year, we have been working diligently and have added features to make it even easier to start creating indoor mapping experiences.

Mappedin Web 

Multi-destination Wayfinding 

Make multiple stops on your journey with our latest improvements. We improved the multi-destination journey with the ability to easily add multiple locations within the directions card and simply drag and drop to reorder. Visitors can toggle between paths within the profile card or by selecting the numbered tooltips and inactive paths. 

Top Locations 

Located in the search dock, you can now customize the locations shown in the top locations. Top locations can be stores, amenities, or any room or space within your venue. Promote certain locations or drive traffic to amenities in your venue with the top locations call-out, and you can decide to display the location's name under the logo. 

Floating label icons

Mappedin Floating Labels now boasts the ability to incorporate icons, enhancing the visualization of categories across your venue. Enjoy maximum flexibility with personalized icons for each category using Mappedin's Editor. The best part? These labels work automatically with our Editor. Simply add locations to the Mappedin platform, set a category, and watch as your labels automatically populate across all your maps.

Outdoor View 

You asked and we heard! This year we added the ability to turn on outdoor view maps, utilizing OpenStreetMaps. Showing users the outdoors gives them a better understanding of their surroundings and orientation in relation to streets, landmarks, and buildings. 

Stadium Features 

This year was for the fans, as we added features to help them arrive, find their section, and leave the stadium in the post-game rush. 

Save my Section: Never lose your seat by having your section pinned to the map. Hungry for a hot dog or thirsty for a cold drink? The map suggests vendors closest to your seat, so you can refuel without missing a beat.

Save my Parking: Get step-by-step instructions to and from this saved location by clicking on the directions button. When searching for a venue, you will also have the option to select your saved parking as your departure or destination point.

Category Overview: Organize your locations with categories such as Washrooms, Suites, Food and drink, Fan Experiences, and much more. These fully customizable categories allow users to easily select and browse locations with a simple click of a button. 

Digital Directory 

Per-Directory Ad Scheduling

Mappedin’s Directory Ads feature allows you to schedule your ads for a specific time frame and specific kiosk location. This can ensure that your ad campaigns are reaching a more relevant target audience. For example, the 3 closest kiosks near the Apple store could have an ad overlay for a new iPhone release to audiences close to this promotion. 

Directory Redesign 

Last year we revealed our latest design for our digital directory. We have updated the UI and map design to our directories, you can now enjoy a new and sleek UI for the search dock, location cards, directions, and transitions. Don’t worry, we’ve added all our new features to our directories too! Landmark directions, floating label icons, and QR codes so you can reference directions at any point of the journey. 

Mappedin SDK

The Mappedin SDK is the foundation for all of our indoor mapping experiences. This year, we focused on creating highly requested features and a smooth developer experience. 

Dynamic Focus

Dynamic focus allows users to reveal the indoors while exploring a map. For multi-building and single-building experiences, users can focus on the map that is the center of their viewport with the zoom function. This makes it easier for users to navigate a multi-building venue by reducing the clutter within the viewport and revealing information that is most relevant to their journey.  

Gif showcasing dynamic focus

Outdoor View 

The Outdoor View feature was added this year to both web and SDK experiences. The Mappedin SDK’s outdoor view capability allows an application to display a Mappedin map on top of an outdoor tile set. Give your users more context and directional orientation by using real streets and buildings. 

Stacked Maps 

The Stacked Maps feature in the Mappedin SDK offers users a unique capability to visualize multiple floors seamlessly, providing a comprehensive overview of their journey. Throughout the year, we spent time optimizing the performance of stacked maps for our customers. We added features such as ambient occlusion and x-ray paths to make the stacked maps experience easy to follow. 

Gif showcasing stacked maps outdoors

Transient polygons 

Developers will have the ability to use smooth fade-away and fade-in transitions between polygons to reveal additional polygons and information as a user zooms into the map. Transient polygons allow the map to have dynamic detail levels, revealing relevant information as the user focuses on a certain area. 

Overlay custom GeoJSON layer on a map 

We have added the functionality of displaying custom GeoJSON layers on top of our map. Tailoring custom layers allows you to address specific indoor space needs, whether it's a hospital, shopping mall, corporate office, or educational institution. 

Navigating the Future

New Partnerships 

We started working with many new partners this year! As our technology and offering adapts, we are servicing more industries through our indoor mapping platform, below are a few examples. 

  • Microsoft 

  • GreyOrange 

  • Workero

  • VergeSense

Company Updates 

Beyond industry events, our team came together for summer barbecues, ski trips, lunches, work sessions, and an annual retreat! 

Join our team! We are always looking for talented individuals to help us grow our team and business. Apply today

This year has gone by in a wink of an eye, our 2023 was filled with new opportunities, new challenges, and new faces. As we move forward into 2024, the team at Mappedin is laser-focused on creating exceptional indoor mapping experiences and products that anyone can use. We can’t wait to share more this year with all, we wouldn’t be here without our amazing customers and hardworking team!