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Employee Q&A: Kiana Lee

Nov 29, 2022

4 min read

By: Lucy Bragg

Kiana is a Sales Support Specialist. Today we discuss her unique role at Mappedin, share tips for working from home, and provide advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in sales! 

Kiana, thanks for chatting with me today. To begin, can you tell us about your current role at Mappedin?

I am a Sales Support Specialist at Mappedin. I help the Sales team with everything that's not specifically selling. This includes legal work, process improvement, documentation, admin work, and more.

What skills do you think are the most important for this role?

As the go-to person for support on the Sales team, I would say that it’s important to stay flexible and be willing to learn as you go. The role is unique and I’ve learned to balance different priorities, rearrange my schedule, and address questions that come up. 

I think it’s also important to focus on the customer and their big picture. A lot of what the Sales team does is listen to the customer and find solutions that fit their needs, even if it requires a bit of interpretation on our end. It’s important to keep the customer in focus and determine what we can do to help them reach their goals. 

What is the key for a Sales Support Specialist to effectively engage with their colleagues? 

It’s really important to listen. As I’m working on process improvements and aligning different teams, I have to find the best solution to a problem by considering everyone's opinion. It’s easy to throw a solution out there, but it’s often more difficult and more important to listen to everyone around you so that all of their opinions are heard and understood first.

What is it like working cross-functionally with several teams from Marketing to Business Development to Sales?

It’s a lot of fun! I enjoy working with so many amazing teams and learning from everyone that I meet and interact with. I love the different opinions that I get from everyone, and I enjoy syncing everyone’s ideas together. I’m also someone that loves to learn, and everyone is really open to helping me understand their processes, goals, and what they’re actively working on.

How do you stay motivated?

I try to focus on the big picture and the impact that my work and our team’s work have on a larger scale. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the little details of what you’re doing, but I work really hard to see how it dominoes into the bigger picture and bigger effect. That helps me stay motivated and remember that what I do makes a difference in the long run. 

What do you like most about working at Mappedin?

I love working with the team! Everyone is really friendly, highly skilled, and passionate about their work. If you reach out to anyone with a question, they’re always open and willing to help. I’m also learning constantly, which is something I enjoy. 

Mappedin is a remote-first environment. Do you have tips for working at home?

Find a strategy that works for you and stick to it. Everyone has their own way of staying motivated and focusing on their work. For me, I like to plant myself in my seat, far away from the distraction of my phone, and have a good amount of snacks around me. 

I would also say that it’s really important to regulate your work schedule. When you’re at home, you don’t necessarily have someone watching you, so if something falls through the cracks, it’s your responsibility to make up that time and adjust your schedule.  

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to work in sales at Mappedin?

Be bold and put your best foot forward. We’re all learning and growing together as a company, so even if what you have to bring to the table isn’t necessarily perfection, that’s okay! As long as you’re willing to learn and grow, and always do your best, that’s what I think matters the most. 

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