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A Day in the Life of a Principal Developer at Mappedin

Jan 23, 2024

5 min read

By: Mappedin

Ever pondered the experience of being a Principal Developer at Mappedin? We sat down for an interview with Anzor Bashkhaz, who has been an integral part of our company for nearly six years!

Explore his journey in more detail! 

How would you best describe your role? 

In my current role at Mappedin, I hold the responsibility for steering the technical direction and architecture of numerous customer-facing products. It’s a balance of “big picture” architecture design, experimentation, knowledge sharing, and writing code.

I’ve worked on the architecture for the directories and Mappedin Web; and am currently in a pivotal role within the SDK team. My primary objective is dedicated to giving developers tools to build top-tier mapping applications, involving the implementation of cutting-edge features to ensure an optimal user experience. Throughout this process, I consistently prioritize the needs of end-users, external developers, and internal developers, ensuring that the architecture is sound and easy to work with.

What does your typical workday look like?


My day typically starts around 7:00 am, with a fresh cup of coffee and a workout session at the gym lasting around an hour and a half. Post-workout, I return home, enjoy a second cup of coffee, and dive into work until 12:00 pm. During this time, I participate in the morning stand-up, which convenes at 10:30 am. My work routine is defined by a limited number of meetings and despite owning assigned tickets, I approach my tasks with a distinctive mindset, treating them almost like personal projects.


My first meal of the day usually takes place around this time (1:00pm). Following this, I resume my work until the tasks at hand are completed. During this period, I engage in completing features, hacking activities, optimizing processes, and crafting proposals detailing the necessary requirements for our projects.

What is your go-to lunch? 

For lunch, my go-to meal is often eggs. If there happens to be leftover rice from the previous night's dinner, I'll whip up a delicious combination of rice, eggs, and kimchi. I don’t mind opting for leftovers as part of my lunch. On occasions when I crave variety or am simply tired of eggs, I would make a sandwich.

Are there any particular rituals or habits you follow to stay focused during coding sessions?

Engaging in a workout is super important for both my mental and physical well-being; without it, I feel less sharp and energized. Also, consistently waking up at the same time is a crucial element of my routine. While working, I incorporate additional rituals such as taking breaks to go for a walk or working from my patio during the summer for a change of scenery. 

If your code could have a soundtrack, what music genre or specific song would represent best? 

I’d describe my coding process as a balance of periods of intensity at full throttle followed by taking a step back and being more methodical and calculated. At the moment, I’d say “The Pot” by the band “Tool” combines similar elements musically and resonates with my work.

If programming languages were superheroes, which one would you want as your sidekick? 

I consider TypeScript to be my trusty sidekick in the realm of coding. Its enjoyable and laid-back nature not only adds a fun element to my work but also serves as a vigilant companion which stops me from making errors.

How do you unwind or recharge after a day of intense coding and problem-solving? 

At the end of the day, I find it essential to hit the reset button. This often involves either taking a long walk, attending an evening yoga session, or going for a bike ride (weather permitting). These activities serve as a means to step away from the work environment, both mentally and physically, helping me prepare for a relaxing evening ahead.

How has your role changed from when you first started at Mappedin to today?

As I've spent a considerable amount of time here, I've managed to establish a level of trust and develop close relationships with my colleagues. From the very first day, the journey has been marked by continuous discoveries, enjoyable moments, challenging tasks, and the excitement of diving into the unknown. Over time, I’ve been involved in less meetings, allowing for a more focused and collaborative approach to my work. 

What do you enjoy the most about working at Mappedin? 

I hold a deep appreciation for the individuals at Mappedin and the hacking culture. The hacking culture provides opportunities to prototype and implement creative solutions that eventually make their way into production. Witnessing customers utilizing and benefiting from these innovations is gratifying. Collaborating with a team of skilled developers, the culture of knowledge sharing is evident, thanks to an open-door policy that fosters a collaborative environment.

To add, recognizing the impact my work has had on shaping the company's direction adds a profound sense of purpose to my role.

What advice would you give to a Junior Software Developer? 

It doesn't matter what school you went to, it doesn't matter where you worked or what degrees you have. Take up personal projects that are “over your head” on your own time that will challenge you to learn things the hard way and build up a portfolio. Even if they are not finished, you will develop your skills that will impress at interviews. Find a way to make it a passion and hobby and it will develop into a successful career.