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Feature 101: Save My Section

Nov 23, 2021

3 min read

By: Cara Hueston

Save My Section allows map users to pin the location of their section on the map, allowing for easy navigation to and from their seat throughout the duration of their visit. This feature was developed to help Mappedin customers provide more intuitive wayfinding and an enhanced guest experience. 

Using Save My Section in Stadium Venues

Save My Section is an existing feature within Mappedin’s Responsive Web App that allows visitors to a stadium or sporting venue to save their seat section within the map. After arriving at their section, fans are able to save the location for future use. This feature makes navigating through the venue effortless from this point forward. Whether you leave your seat to find a concession stand, washroom, or other amenity, you can view real-time directions back to your section with the click of a button. Through this feature, your location is pinned on the map, allowing you to quickly orient yourself while moving through the venue and providing a quick reference point to where you are seated. 

Feature Benefits 

Enhanced Guest Experience

Save My Section provides guests with fast and convenient wayfinding. With just the click of a button, your section stays pinned on the map - even if you close the application. Regardless of where you decide to travel to during your stadium or arena visit, you can quickly access wayfinding directions back to your seat. When searching for nearby vendors or amenities, the stadium map will suggest locations with the closest proximity to your section, therefore avoiding long walks or over-crowded areas.  

Improved Operations for Stadiums 

This feature was designed to benefit stadiums as well as their visitors. Save My Section reduces strain on stadium staff by providing guests with the tools to navigate independently. Before arrival, stadium visitors can either find their section by exploring the map, or by search. From there, turn-by-turn directions will indicate the appropriate entry gate and the most efficient path to their section.  

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Save My Section can also reduce wait times and increase revenue for stadiums. By integrating with other software platforms, stadiums can allow visitors to order food and drink directly to their seats. This feature provides a more personalized experience, guiding visitors to services closest to their section. This helps with crowd control and in turn, keeping guests happy. In a recent study, ​​45% of fans are abandoning concession lines if the wait time seems too long. Digital indoor maps can also be combined with software such as WaitTime, where fans can visit food and beverage locations with the shortest wait and then quickly navigate back to their seats. 

Future Use Cases

The ability to save a location within an interactive indoor map can be beneficial for a variety of other use cases. Adding a pin for your parking spot, for example, or a lecture hall on campus, a specific booth at a tradeshow convention, or your go-to desk in a flexible office, to name a few. 

Are there other use cases for Save my Location that would benefit your venue? Reach out to let us know, or contact us today to learn how to implement Save My Section at your stadium or arena.